How Did We Get Here?

To identify the strategies included in this tool, we reviewed reports available online that outline specific nonmedical use of prescription drug prevention strategies including:

Second, we conducted a thorough search of the academic literature published between 2005 and 2015. We did this to identify additional systems change strategies not featured in the reports listed above.

Searches were conducted in health and psychological databases such as the Child Development & Adolescent Studies, ERIC, PYSCHARTICLES, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, PSYCHINFO, SOCINDEX, Academic Search Complete, Education Research Complete, MEDLINE, Health Policy Reference Center, and Google Scholar databases.

Search terms included "prescription drug," "opioid," "opiates," "sedatives," "tranquilizers," and "simulants," in any combination with: "intervention," "program," "regulation," "law," "policy," "enforcement," "campaign," or "strategy." If any search yielded over 100 studies, additional terms were added to narrow down the results, including "effective" and "evaluation."