Going Virtual: Tips for Delivering a Quality Webinar

Going Virtual: Tips for Delivering a Quality Webinar

With opportunities for in-person trainings currently on-hold, prevention practitioners are turning increasingly to webinars to share information, connect with peers, and build new skills. Unfortunately, the quality of these online events can vary considerably: technology glitches are common, well-intentioned speakers are unprepared, and presentations lack interaction. Informed by the delivery of hundreds of online learning events, this webinar provides participants with the essential ingredients for developing effective, interactive and information-rich webinars that maintain audiences interest and attention.

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State and community-level substance misuse prevention practitioners and other public health professionals


1.5 hours

Learning Objectives
  • Define three key elements of an effective webinar
  • Describe three techniques for improving interaction between webinar presenters and participants
  • Describe two common delivery challenges and potential solutions
  • Describe staff roles needed to support seamless webinar delivery
Training Content
  • Building a Strong Foundation
    • Virtual and in-person trainings: How are they different and how are they the same?
    • Principals of adult learning
    • The 4 A’s of instructional design
  • Engagement Techniques
    • Using polls and whiteboards
    • Using crowdsource technology in engagement activities
    • Best practice for using graphics
  • Overcoming Webinar Challenges
    • What to do when participants don’t participate
    • Strategies for overcoming technology glitches
    • The value of planning and preparation
    • The importance of the 4 main roles in webinar delivery including the facilitator, technology staff and presenters